Open Up: The Fascinating World Of Locks, Keys And Safes

Open Up: The Fascinating World Of Locks, Keys And Safes

Security Alarm System: Understanding the Essential Components

Lumi Perala

A security alarm system is an important module in basic security systems designed for residential installation. The primary objectives of this element are to detect unauthorised intrusion into the property and deter the actions of unscrupulous people. In simple terms, an alarm system will provide your family with personal protection and discourage burglars and thieves. Some security alarms can also be modified into combination systems so that they can also safeguard you against the dangers of fire and carbon monoxide. Regardless of the exact capabilities, here are the essential components that you should assess before selecting your ideal security alarm system.


Sensors are the special devices that can detect intrusion in a home security system. These modules can be placed at the perimeter of your property or within it, depending on the expected dangers. Ideally, you should install these around and within, in case experienced burglars are able to bypass the outer measure. There are assorted sensor products to consider for installation in your home, so explore the security market before making your decision.

One of the critical sensors to incorporate into your security system is a motion sensor. This product will react to movement or in some cases, body temperature within the secured area. You should also consider installing sensors for glass breakage detection and vibration sensors to identify attempts at forced entry by mechanical impact. An electric fence can also be connected to the alarm system, such that tampering or contact with low charge current will trigger the alarm.

Alerting Devices

The alerting devices in the residential security system will indicate intrusion, if the sensors within the property are triggered. As implied, these components are primarily incorporated so that they can alert or notify you of the breach in your home. In addition, this can startle the burglars and discourage them from completing their mission. You can choose different types of alerting components to suit your preference and situation. Sirens or bells are loud and ominous, so they are perfect for your home if you reside in a sparsely populated area. If you are in a relatively enclosed residential community, consider choosing flashing lights.

Access Control

You will need an access control panel to modulate your security alarm system. These are relatively small devices which are mounted on walls, and they provide an interface with the machine. This component allows the alarm to be disabled in case of false triggers. In addition, if your door is opened, the panel will require a security code or fingerprint to prevent alarm alerts.


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