Open Up: The Fascinating World Of Locks, Keys And Safes

Open Up: The Fascinating World Of Locks, Keys And Safes

The Locks of the Future

Lumi Perala

The vast majority of simple locks on bikes, homes, or doors are wildly easy to pick for anyone with access to an Internet tutorial. Although initially designed with security in mind, their interior contains small pin stacks that must be raised to a specific height in order to open properly. While increasing numbers of pin stacks and sophisticated manufacturing processes can make break-ins more difficult, a few tools and practice can quickly open even the most complicated pin stack lock.

Should I Be Worried?

It is no secret that bike thefts or home robberies are rampant in big cities, on college campuses, or even in popular parks. Unfortunately, traditional locks are simply too easy to cut or pick, but if the ease with which the lock on your home or bike can be opened bothers you, don't worry, you're not alone. The last thing you need is a stolen bike on a busy day. Manufacturers around the world are currently investigating the potential for locks with electronic features, hidden keyholes, multi-step unlocking processes, and more durable metals that can withstand metal cutters.

How Do They Work?

The most vulnerable part of modern locks is their ability to be easily broken, drilled into, or kicked. Despite the exterior durable look, the inner hardware is often made of weak metal or cheap parts that only require a well-placed kick to dislodge the components or break entirely.

A few forward-thinking manufacturers have started to create locks with thick metals that can withstand even the most persistent kicking, drilling or picking, and have added features that can alert authorities to would-be robbers.

Electronic locks with keypads, fingerprint scanners, or even the ability to lock or unlock remotely add another option for safety-conscious homeowners, but it is the future designs in the works that offer even more promise. From multi-step locking procedures to basically indestructible materials, security systems are slowly becoming revamped.

Looking to the Future

While few options are commercially available, these innovative designs will no doubt make their way into the wide range of security markets. From front doors to safes, the concept of a multi-step or electronic lock that only shares the specifics with the owner is essential to increasing protection in the modern era.

Although similar to those fun lock boxes you played with as a child that involved multiple steps, levers, slides, and pushes, the locks of the future won't just be toys— they will be both effective and impenetrable security tools. For the best locks, get your locksmith's advice


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Open Up: The Fascinating World Of Locks, Keys And Safes

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