Open Up: The Fascinating World Of Locks, Keys And Safes

Open Up: The Fascinating World Of Locks, Keys And Safes

Simple Tips on Fixing Minor Window Pane Damage

Lumi Perala

As a homeowner, it is almost inevitable to experience window breakage from inclement weather or even accidental contact with sports balls. This type of damage will expose your home to cold night air and pests, which can contribute to serious illnesses. In addition, a broken window can make intrusion easier for robber and burglars.

Therefore, it is important to understand how to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. Ideally, you should contact an emergency glass repair serviceperson for immediate assistance. However, if the windowpane damage is minor and you have limited funds, you can temporarily resolve the problem. Here are some guidelines on performing small glass window repairs.

Repairing Cracks

You should assess the degree of damage on the windowpane before deciding on the appropriate repair technique. Generally, it is prudent to wear heavy-duty gloves to protect your hands from the glass edges and shards. If the window has a crack, you should gently press your covered fingers on the damage to ensure that the pane is still sturdy enough to withstand handling during repairs.

If there is no missing glass or small holes, you can carry out an easy temporary fix. Basically, you will need high-quality packing tape, preferably clear for ideal aesthetics. Apply the material along the crack carefully and use your fingernails to remove the air bubbles. If the other side of the pane is accessible, repeat the process for a sturdier and more long-lasting fix.

Sealing Small Holes

When the window glass breaks, small holes can form in the pane. If these are not dealt with immediately, they will allow cold air to infiltrate your home, and the damage might become larger. Check for areas missing small pieces of glass, particularly in the parts with intersecting cracks. Take some clear nail polish and apply it over the perforated areas to patch up the damage. Ideally, you will need to use several coats for the hole to be sufficiently covered. Allow every layer of polish to dry before applying the next coating for the best possible performance.

Resolving Missing Glass

If there are missing shards of glass, you should check the windowpane to ensure that there are no loose pieces remaining. If there are, remove carefully to limit the probability of the shards falling later. Measure the window area with the missing glass and obtain thick plastic papers that can cover the space completely. Secure the plastic covering with tape. This will not provide security, so contact an emergency glass repair service as early as possible.


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