Open Up: The Fascinating World Of Locks, Keys And Safes

Open Up: The Fascinating World Of Locks, Keys And Safes

Various Options to Consider When Buying Moving Boxes

Lumi Perala

When moving house, one of the main concerns you will have is ensuring that your belongings are packaged properly. A common mistake people make is assuming that all cardboard boxes are suitable for holding items during a relocation. The truth of the matter, though, is that moving boxes and run-of-the-mill cardboard boxes have significant differences. For one, moving boxes are designed to be much sturdier than cardboard boxes. As such, you are less likely to experience your items falling through the box because of their weight when you opt for good quality moving boxes. Secondly, moving boxes come in an array of designs to cater to the different items that you will be packing. This is unlike cardboard boxes, which comprise of an empty space within them. Here are some of the various options that you can consider when you opt to buy boxes for your move.

Wardrobe boxes

As the name suggests, these boxes are designed to package clothes. They tend to be quite tall and are designed with bars built within them to facilitate the placement of hangers. This works toward ensuring your clothes do not become creased while you are moving house. To make the most of these types of boxes, you can opt to store your shoes on the floor space left available within the box after your clothes have been hung.

Dish boxes

These types of boxes are also commonly known as cell boxes. They come with internal dividers that work toward separating your glassware and crockery. These dividers are also used to ensure that your dishes are protected from the risk of breakage during the move. When utilising these boxes, you should make a note of packing your plates on their sides, similarly as you would on a dish rack, rather than stacking them one over the other. Additionally, all stemware should be stored in an upright position, rather than laying on their sides.

File boxes

As the name suggests, these types of moving boxes are specifically designed for the storage of folders and files. The boxes are designed with an interlocking top. If you have accumulated a number of files over the years, it may prove difficult to transport them as they are in the filing cabinet. File boxes work toward making this load lighter since the cabinets are already heavy on their own. Additionally, the file boxes reduce the risk of your files spilling all over the place in the event the filing cabinet falls.

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