Open Up: The Fascinating World Of Locks, Keys And Safes

Open Up: The Fascinating World Of Locks, Keys And Safes

Questions You Might Have about Locksmith Services

Lumi Perala

A locksmith doesn't just get you into your home or car when you've been locked out, he or she can also provide a number of other services for you, including the installation of deadbolts and new locks, key duplication, and the like. It's good to call a locksmith when you need new keys or have any questions about being locked out or anything related to keys and locks. Note a few of those questions here so you can discuss them with a locksmith if these situations should ever arise.

1. Can a key that says "do not duplicate" ever be duplicated?

A locksmith may actually duplicate or copy such a key, but only under certain circumstances and with certain restrictions. For example, you may be required to bring in an authorization on business letterhead stating the use of the key, how many will be made, and so on. You may also be required to sign a release form that the locksmith has so that he or she is not held liable if the key is used improperly. Don't assume that a key with this type of mark cannot be duplicated at all, but discuss your options with a locksmith.

2. If a lock doesn't operate smoothly, does it always need to be replaced?

One thing you can do is test the lock with the door open. If the lock turns fine that way, then the problem is with the door not aligning with the frame rather than the lock itself. If a door starts to sag or becomes warped for any reason, the bolt of the lock won't line up with the opening in the doorframe and the lock will stick. A general contractor may be able to adjust the door, shave it down, or otherwise repair it so that the lock fits as it should.

Note too that if a lock is not working properly because it's been damaged on the inside, this can often be a quick fix. It may simply need some dusting out so that dirt, dust, and other particles are no longer in the way of the lock tumblers. The tumblers themselves may also have been damaged and simply need to be replaced. A locksmith can usually do this in such a way that allows you to keep your same keys so that you don't need to have an entirely new set of keys made for your home or business.


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Open Up: The Fascinating World Of Locks, Keys And Safes

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