Open Up: The Fascinating World Of Locks, Keys And Safes

Open Up: The Fascinating World Of Locks, Keys And Safes

Understanding the Various Types of Door Locks for Your Car

Lumi Perala

Over the years, door lock systems used on cars have undergone many changes. This is because of the rise in the number of burglaries where thieves break into cars to steal valuables such as audio systems. In addition, car theft is also on the rise, as criminals steal cars and use them in their criminal activities. Therefore, you should ensure that your car is well secured using quality door locks that cannot be manipulated in any way. Here are a few types of car door locks you should know to help you make the right choice:

Cylinder Door Locks

Cylinder door locks have small cylindrical compartments used to house the lock. The lock extends slightly outwards such that you can easily insert the key and turn the lock open. The lock code is contained outside the cylinder, which enables you to create another key based on those codes. This is helpful when you lose the key. In most cases, the keys used to open the door lock are also used to start the car. You can choose to have either the pin tumbler or wafer tumbler locks for your car.

Pin Tumbler Locks

The pin tumble lock system has a lock mechanism with metallic pins that vary in shape. The height and shape of the key used must be compatible with the metallic pins in the lock mechanism. 

Wafer Tumbler Locks

Wafer tumbler locks have flat pieces of serrated metals inside the lock cylinder that vary in size. The key has a pattern that fits into the lock mechanism so that you can turn it open. Keys used in this lock system are easier to reproduce, which makes them less safe than the pin tumbler locks.

The downside of the cylinder car locks is that they actually attract burglars. Once someone enters the car, they can easily remove the cylinder and steal other valuables. For instance, if they break the window and open the door from inside, the locks they are highly likely to steal the lock together with other items.

Electrical Lock System

Electrical lock systems are the preferred lock systems these days. The lock design varies among different manufacturers. Some of the electrical locks are keyless, and they rely entirely on a small remote control with buttons to access and ignite the car. Others combine the key system with buttons such that you use the remote control to open the doors while the key is used to ignite the engine.

Electrical locks have small computerised chips made unique to each lock. This makes it hard for burglars to access the car's interior because it is hard to duplicate signals shared between the remote control and the door locks. They secure the car better than any of the other lock systems. If your car has the cylinder door locks, you can shift from that by fitting the electrical door locks.    

For more information, talk to a car locksmith.


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