Open Up: The Fascinating World Of Locks, Keys And Safes

Open Up: The Fascinating World Of Locks, Keys And Safes

Tips to Replacing the Pull Handles for Your Wardrobes

Lumi Perala

Pull handles make it easier for you to open doors, regardless of the size. You might not realize their importance until one breaks away just when you want to open your wardrobe. When this occurs, prying it open by slipping a sharp object through the doors might not help since such doors have lock mechanisms. These are placed at the extreme ends to prevent people from breaking in easily. The only viable option is to seek a replacement for your wardrobe pull handles. Below are some tips to assist you when selecting the right pull handles for your wardrobes: 

Consider the theme of other fittings in the room

Many people take time to design and furnish their houses, to ensure that everything blends easily together. When seeking a pull handle, you should make a quick assessment of the room to determine its theme. Suppose the other fittings in the room are golden in colour or antique in design, you should use this to select the most appropriate pull handle.

Assess the material used to make the wardrobe

Wardrobes are made using different substances, such as wood and glass. This also determines the pull handles you can use. Some pull handles can only be installed when you drill the wardrobe surface. When the wardrobe is made of glass, it raises serious complications since drilling can lead to the development of cracks on the surface. However, wood is more practical, and any pull handle you choose can easily be fitted without affecting the rest of the door.

Get creative

If the room is dull and boring, you can use this opportunity to change the mood. Purchase a set of novelty knobs as replacement pull handles. These are available in many shapes and sizes. If your pull handle is shaped like a kitten or fish, you are guaranteed to smile every time you reach out to open the wardrobe doors. 

Pay attention to the finishing

Whether you decide to fix the pull handle yourself or seek assistance, make sure that the finishing is on point. When drilling the wood, mistakes can easily be made, and scratches can be visible on the surface. The best solution is to select the same shade of wood putty and use it to fill these areas. This ensures the completed repair work looks perfect.

These four guidelines will help you have your wardrobe doors open in no time with pull handles that suit the theme of your room and showcase your personality.


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