Open Up: The Fascinating World Of Locks, Keys And Safes

Open Up: The Fascinating World Of Locks, Keys And Safes

Why Install an Access Control System With Time and Day Limits?

Lumi Perala

Access control systems manage who comes into your building. These systems use codes, swipe cards or even fingerprints to open doors.

This makes your office more secure. Nobody gets in without permission. On a more advanced level, you can also use systems that restrict even authorised access. These systems only allow someone to come into the building during specific times and on specific days.

What are the benefits of using a system with timed access limits?

Better Security Control

If you use a timed access system, you choose when each of your employees can get into your offices. While you may be happy for senior staff to come and go as they please, you may not want all your staff to have 24/7 access, especially if you work with sensitive data or have valuable equipment or goods on site.

So, you can set limits so that nobody can come into work after a certain time of night or over weekends. You can still give access to key employees or people who might need emergency entry, but you lock your building down to everyone else. This gives you a simple security boost.

Plus, timed employee access could help you prevent thefts and break-ins. If a thief were to get a card or code from one of your employees, then they could enter your building at night. If the card or code doesn't work outside of regular office hours, then you bar this point of entry.

Better Employee Work/Life Balance

As a responsible employer, you know that your employees should have a good work/life balance. You actively encourage this because you know that people are healthier and happier if they aren't overworked or overstressed.

You don't want your staff to work late into the night or to come into the office at weekends or during holidays unless it is absolutely necessary. However, some of your staff may find it hard to get this balance right. Some get into the habit of regularly working late or at weekends to fill their time or to catch up.

If you block out-of-hours access to your office, then your employees can't replace valuable downtime with work. They'll have to learn how to be more productive during working hours and how to relax out of them.

Access limits work in different ways. The best way to find the right access control system and features for your business is to talk to commercial locksmiths. They can show you different systems and explain how they work.


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